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Know more about SCR and maxiCLEAN for your Mahindra SUV.

What is SCR?

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a means of converting NOx into harmless nitrogen. This process uses a special fluid called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) aka maxiCLEAN.

What is DEF?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a liquid formula that’s used to reduce the amount of pollution in the air caused by a diesel engine.

So how is this process different in a Mahindra SUV?

Mahindra SUVs use a specially formulated DEF called Mahindra maxiCLEAN. This special formula, unlike others, is not a catalyst but is one that gets consumed during the selective catalytic reduction process. This is why it needs to be refilled from time to time.

The consumption of maxiCLEAN, however, depends on various factors such as one’s driving style, the roads as well as the weather conditions.

This special formula is filled in a specially allotted tank and is easily accessible to owners. In fact, you can also go ahead and check its exact location mentioned in the Owner’s Manual.

What to look out for?

If the level of maxiCLEAN poured in reaches lower than the defined limit, the engine refuses to power up.

This is exactly why your Mahindra SUV stays ahead of its time. It detects the level of your vehicle’s DEF and estimates the kilometers remaining before your next refill.

Not just that, it gives you a warning way before time. The alert shows up as early as when there are 2400km of a dominating drive remaining.

How do you spot this warning?

Look out for the SCR lamp that turns on to alert you.

It provides you with warnings related to quality of the DEF and quantity of the DEF while also alerting you on SCR system malfunctions.

And that’s how you know it’s time to get set to quench your SUV’s thirst!

But, suppose you were so preoccupied by the thought of getting back on the road that you may have made the one error that is more common than you’d think. Yes, we’re talking about filling your maxiCLEAN in the fuel tank.

In such a situation, hold on and don’t panic. Don’t try to power up your vehicle either. Instead, just call your nearest Mahindra authorized service center immediately!


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