Usha Yelubandi

“Do your Best and the Best will Find You”

- Usha Yelubandi -

Everything happens for a reason

I always aspired to be an engineer since my school days. The technology of things intrigued me. However, things don’t always go in the way we plan it. I was faced with some severe household issues because of which I had to take up a job on an immediate basis. The one thing that was available at the time was a role of a car washing staff at an auto dealership. And that was just the start of my love and fascination with cars. I worked earnestly with all sincerity and witnessing my dedication and quality of output, soon got promoted to coordinator of the cleaning staff. The best however was yet to come!

The beginning of a Colourful Journey

The car body paint shop soon caught my attention. I was simply fascinated with the painting process. It had more to it than what just met the eye. It was not just simply about covering the car with paint but has several nuances attached to it. The number of coatings to be used, type of coatings, precise color mixing etc all had an impact of the overall quality of output. My fascination led me to take a deep interest in this. Witnessing this, my manger put his trust in me and transferred me to the paint department. And that was just the start of my journey as a car paint technician.

Determination and hard work always pay off

As fascinating as my role was for me it was equally challenging. Being new in this role I was still learning and was bound to make some mistakes. Automobile painting is a job of precision and skill where you have to diligently follow an immaculate process. Since this sector has always been male-dominated my colleagues found my presence among them unusual and sometimes and were even a bit harsh on me at times. They would often pass comments on how this job can never get done well because I was a girl. I however stood my ground and continued to work hard and eventually was recognised as one of the best in the team.

My dream job in my dream company

While I was enjoying my work and things were going well for me, I was struck by yet another challenge; the garage company I worked for was being shut down. But I truly believe in the saying that when one door closes another better one opens. This gave me an opportunity to join Mahindra.

Initially I feared that I may face similar challenges but instead I found the work environment, the staff and manager extremely supportive. There were hi-tech painting equipment being used in the Mahindra workshop. I started working in a brightly lit, air-controlled dedicated paint room with many digital controls. I upgraded my knowledge and skill by coming to Mahindra and the encouragement I get here will always motivate me to aim higher.

“My advice to all the girls out there is, never think of yourself any less than others and there isn’t any job that isn’t meant for us girls.”

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