“A lot of girls have a mindset that technical jobs are too difficult or too messy for them; however, I believe that if we all can change our mindsets about this together, it would certainly bring about a huge change."

- Barkha -

Tragedy comes with no prior warning, but when faced with one, it brings out the real fighter within us.

My mother raised me as a single parent as I lost my father at a very young age. And just as I was beginning to cope with this loss, my mother passed away.

Left with two younger siblings, the burden of responsibility fell on my shoulders which made me take up several jobs to make ends meet. Today when I look back, I realise that that was just the start of a new beginning for me.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

After much experimentation, I finally got a job with Mahindra as an automobile technician. This required me to gain knowledge and expertise around various technical and mechanical aspects of a vehicle. To support this, Mahindra provided me with a detailed two-month training before putting me in this workshop. I must admit that the initial days were not easy and took quite a physical toll on me. Certain customers would also challenge my capability as a technician as they were not used to women servicing their cars.

At that moment, I began to doubt myself and would often question my decision of taking up this job. But Mahindra never let me give in. My seniors and colleagues provided me with all the support and encouragement required to perform my job well. This helped me overcome my challenges and established myself as a skilled technician today.

Find Your Passion, and It's No Longer A Job

With my increasing knowledge and skills, my work became second nature to me. The customers who once questioned my skills were now extremely appreciative and all praises for my work. This gave my confidence an immense boost, and I felt that there was no other work better suited for me.

Always Learning

Another exciting part of my job is that I also get an opportunity to work with new and fancy high-end cars which I find quite fascinating. Besides, with Mahindra being at the forefront of technology, I am regularly exposed to new and progressive techniques and processes. All of this, coupled with regular rewards, motivates me to put in my best each day.

Lastly, I would like to give out a message to all my women colleagues out there -

“Never lose hope, as when life closes one door, it always opens another, for me, it was the Mahindra door."

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