“Take pride in your work. The industry doesn't matter the effort does!”

- Sulochana -

Curiosity never killed the cat

Engineering has always been my passion, and this is what led me to pursue my B.Tech. After completing my degree in 2017, I got an opportunity with Tools Transmission Pvt. Ltd., where I learnt various aspects related to engine assembly, wire harnessing etc. While this was a great learning experience, my curiosity got the better of me. I was very interested to know how these things actually fit into a car. As it happened around the same time I got married, it led me to explore other opportunities locally. This was the start of my journey with Mahindra.

Every day is a New Learning

I started off as an electronics technician with Mahindra’s Model Fuels Dealership in Dhanbad. Dealing with electronic issues related to headlights, diagnostic lights, alarm systems, circuit boards, alternators and starter motors always came naturally to me, and I soon became an expert in this. In addition, I also started building my capabilities in diagnostics of customer complaints around mechanical aspects related to brakes, steering and suspension, automatic or manual transmissions and engine repairs. My superiors also gave me opportunities to work on management systems like MTraQ that aid vehicle stage tracking inside the workshop. This holistic exposure has made me so confident that I can now take a good look at a vehicle, take it out for a road test and easily understand a customer’s concerns.

Women = Energy and Positivity at the Workplace

Not only did I get an opportunity to learn and grow, but I could also experience the immense benefits that women bring to an organisation. As auto technicians, we are required to deal with complex systems and perform highly technical diagnostic tests. Being an expert woman technician, time and again, I have had several customers who have come up to me and praised me for my work. This shows how positively customers respond to initiatives such as this. Also, I could feel an overall improvement in the working culture at the workshop with men being more respectable and using lesser slangs.

Mahindra not only provided me with the right physical infrastructure to excel at my job but also extended emotional support and encouragement to help me deliver my best.

“My message to all women is to not hesitate at all. Be confident enough to conquer your fears and win at what you do. ”

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