"Today, from engine servicing to the gearbox, I can help my customers with any problem. The smiles on their faces make it worth it!"

- Farah -

They say no matter how much you plan for life to turn out in a particular way, there is always something different in store for you. That's precisely what happened with me. From being a management student aspirant to a service advisor in an automobile company, my life did take a turn, but for the better!

Unforeseen Circumstances Led to New Opportunities

I was a management student from Lucknow with a dream to become an HR professional. Being bright, I got an opportunity to complete my masters from Jamia Milia University in Delhi. However, because of some unforeseen family issues, I could not pursue my dream. I was forced to quit my studies and look out for earning opportunities to support my family. After exploring several possibilities, I finally got a chance to work with Mahindra as a service advisor. When I started with my training as a Service Advisor, I found myself at a loss to understand quickly as I had no experience in this field and minimal knowledge about cars. There were times when I questioned my decision and even thought of quitting. But as time passed by and my trainers, mentors and colleagues provided unwavering support, I started gaining a better understanding of the work. Soon, I couldn't understand why I did not choose to do this all along. Today I feel confident and absolutely love what I'm doing.

Growing as I Learn

I began as a service advisor in the commercial department. In this role, I had to liaison between the customer and service technicians in the workshop. This helped me gain a better understanding of mechanical and technical issues as well as develop new skills related to people management, communication and effective customer handling. In a short time, I became an expert and received much appreciation from my seniors and team. I was soon promoted to the personal vehicles team, where I was required to interact with a different segment of customers altogether. Initially, I was a little anxious to deal with them, but today I can confidently handle every customer who comes to our workshop. And do you know what the best part of my job is? The smiles, mostly with a hint of surprise, that I see on their faces when I solve their issues. There could be nothing more fulfilling.

Breaking Stereotypes My Way

Mechanical engineering is a field which few women choose to work in. However, Mahindra provides a platform with equal opportunities through its policies and culture, encouraging more women to join this sector. I believe that with the right attitude and the willingness to learn, women can be equal, if not better, than most men. This field has not just helped me support my family but has helped me grow as a woman and a true professional. My experience with Mahindra has made me believe that anything is possible!

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