• Check that all lamps - headlights (low & high beam), tail lights, turn indicators, hazard lamps are working.
  • Clean the external surfaces of the headlamps/tail lamps if covered with dirt & mud.
  • Use lights appropriately to improve visibility. Mostly, headlamps help, but if it is foggy, switching on the headlamp will only show a white wall in front of you. Use fog lamps along with parking lamps in such situations.


  • Make sure that your wiper blades are wiping the windscreen effectively without leaving any streak marks or smudges
  • Ensure that the windscreen wiper fluid is full & preferably filled with Maxicare Windshield Washer Fluid, as that helps in clearing away dirt/dust from the glass.
  • Humidity in the air during monsoons, causes mist to form on the outside of the windscreen glass. Turn on wipers to clear it. Also ensure that the side A/C vents are not directed towards the window glasses.

On-Road control

  • Make sure your tyres have not gone bald. Tyres with good tread depth help in maintaining grip on slippery wet roads. Use the tyre wear indicator to check tread depth.
  • Braking distance increases on wet roads. It is very important for your safety to have the brakes working effectively. Get them inspected before the monsoon season.
  • Keep speed under control and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Exposed areas

  • Car body can be exposed due to broken rubber seals or chipped-off paint. This can let in water through gaps or lead to corrosion. Get the car inspected at a workshop and get it repaired.
  • Get underbody protection coating done after your car wash to prevent corrosion of the exposed metal under the car.

Precautions for water logged roads

  • Avoid roads where water level is above the door sills. If your car stalls on such a road, do not try restarting. It can cause extreme damage to the engine.
  • Do not speed. You wouldn't be able to judge a bad pothole during rains. Maintain a constant slow speed to avoid damage.
  • Heavy rain can lead to long traffic jams. Ensure you have enough fuel in the vehicle and are carrying a few snacks and drinking water for yourself.